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We're not going to promise you that all our steaks come from grass-fed beef (it would be too lean anyway), that our fully-cooked Wagyu meatballs come from Japan or that our chicken wings or breast strips are from 100% free-range and organic chickens. We leave those marketing gimmicks to others.

What we do promise is that your butcher box coming from our online butcher store will have high-quality poultry, beef and pork from cattle born & humanly raised on the American farms, without use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Best of all, it’ll reach you safely, even if we ship your order across our great country.

Taste the difference - it’s all about the experience!

The years of our expertise allow us to find high-quality fresh meat. If we’re not sure about the farmers' standards, we simply don’t buy from them. Our Grumpy Butcher (that's what we call him behind his back) is an expert and we also take utmost care when we process and package the meat in a special vacuum seal, so our box Den's arrives at your door ready to impress. 

Same level of care goes into making sure your order will be delivered fresh only a few days after we ship it. If anything goes wrong - reach out to us and we’ll make it right. In other words, we take care of our customers and most order from us again. Lastly, we don’t believe in the meat subscription butcher box model. You’re free to choose whatever you want, whenever you need it.

Wholesome, Delicious and Honest

It took us a lot of time to develop our delicious Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Steaks and Schnitzels.  Like you, we got tired of inconsistent quality and spoiled products delivered by other online meat stores. All promised us "fresh" meats of a certain grade. Most didn’t live up to their promises

Try our Butcher Meats Today

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try today and you can trust we'll become your go-to source for high-quality poultry, beef and pork. After all, our families and friends order them too!