Den's Hot Dogs was founded by two doctors and a lawyer as a hobby project of trying to "package" a 30-minute Columbian - Indian home based recipe of pineapple chutney hot dog (which remains our bestseller) into an 1-minute heat & eat, simple and convenient product, but without sacrificing its delicious taste. 

When we started, we only knew that an exceptional food must be:

- Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious;

- Simple and convenient to prepare;

- Visually appealing; and

- Inexpensive.

If only we knew that it was virtually impossible to combine all these attributes into one product.   Well... it is often said that “ignorance is bliss”.

So, after two years of R&D, refusal to compromise and follow "conventional wisdoms," thousands of scorched buns, burned franks, splattered condiments and some serious hot dogs overindulgence, we discovered our frozen hand held sandwich microwaving process know-how and developed Den's and E-Den's hot dogs, which exceed every single one of our original goals. 


 "It's not a hot dog, it's a CAVIAR!" - listen to on air review by Skywalker @ WSPK (top 40 radio station).