Coney Island Hot Dogs Chili Cheese - Pack of 8
Coney Island Hot Dogs by the legendary Grumpy Butcher.This Chili Cheese Hot Dog is a hickory smoked 100% domestic beef frankfurter, topped with authentic Texas no beans beef chili mixed with creamy cheddar and monterey cheese, nested in a premium hot dog bun. Just-off-the-grill taste requires no cooking to do,...


Wagyu Meatballs | Dens Hot Dogs
Chef Alex Wagyu Beef Meatballs - 18 Balls
You've probably never tried cooked meatballs like these. Fully-cooked, they are made entirely of Wagyu beef, which is revered for its rich flavor, tenderness and dense marbling, resulting in an unrivaled fine dining experience. Chef Alex’s famously delectable Wagyu meatballs are cooked in a delicious teriyaki based sauce and can...

$89.95 $79.95

Chicken Schnitzel - 9 Schnitzels
What makes a perfect chicken schnitzel? A slice of chicken breast is pounded, tenderized and breaded with a mix of flour, parmesan cheese and herbs by our Grumpy Butcher. Pan fried, it stays light and crispy for a salivating appearance. From freezer to plate, it takes about eight minutes to...


Breaded Chicken Breast Strips - 3 lb
Our quick, easy and versatile breaded chicken breast strips are great for making many of your favorite dishes with chicken, from chicken caesar salad to fettuccine alfredo or to be enjoyed on their own. The uncooked chicken rib meat is lightly seasoned and marinated before setting it in our signature...


Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts - Variety Set of 6
We are proud to bring our absolute favorite - a variety set of bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with Portobello Mushrooms and Wild Rice (set of 3, each 8 oz) and stuffed with Three Cheeses (set of 3, each 8 oz)! Quite a lot of thought process went into developing...


Undiluted Heritage Beef Bone Broth - 6 Glass Jars
Healo Foods beef bone broth is minimally-processed and made from high-quality roasted beef bones from regenerative agriculture Heritage Farms, enriched with onions, carrots and garlic.It’s based on century old traditions of broth making with a few modern twists utilized by the Grumpy Butcher to enhance the health benefits of bone...


Chicken Fritters by Grumpy Butcher
Chicken Fritters - 5 lb
These large breaded chicken fritters are one of the first products created by the legendary Grumpy Butcher and stand the test of time. They come breaded, seasoned and ready to put to shame even the best homemade chicken nuggets. Made from premium chicken breast and rib meat, these chicken nugget...

$45.95 $39.95

Undiluted Grumpy Butcher Broth Variety Pack - 6 Glass Jars
Never tried Healo broth and don’t know where to begin? Go for our Variety Pack!Our six glass jars total broth package is: Two Chicken and two Beef bone broth; and  One each Lamb and American Sturgeon broth What makes Grumpy Butcher broth superior to anything else out there? Delicious taste,...


Undiluted American Sturgeon Fish Broth - 6 Glass Jars
Healo sturgeon broth is a true masterpiece by the Grumpy Butcher, made from now top graded American Sturgeon, considered by many as the tastiest fish. It’s clear, rich in vitamins B12 and iodine and absolutely delicious!  No similar product currently exists.Drinking warm and yummy sturgeon broth boosts your metabolism and...


Undiluted All Natural Lamb Bone Broth - 6 Glass Jars
Healo lamb bone broth is handcrafted using all natural ingredients and five-star gourmet chef-created family recipe.It’s slow-cooked for 20+ hours, has a distinct savory taste of lamb and is sure to make a statement about your superior culinary abilities if you ever decide to use it for making lamb soup...


Undiluted Heritage Chicken Bone Broth - 6 Glass Jars
Made by the Grumpy Butcher, this sumptuous Healo chicken broth may be the ultimate anti-aging solution.Among other well-known benefits of chicken bone broth, this also packs a powerful load of protein, amino acids that reduce inflammation, and gelatin that promotes glowing skin and healthy hair. Its mild and comforting chicken...


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