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Boasting a rich heritage of tradition and excellence, this restaurant is anything but average. In 2001, Ukraine-born immigrants Igor and Oksana Chukhriy started the Imperial Meat Market.

The small, family owned butcher shop provided a level of meat quality that was second to none, and before long, word of the unmatched meat spread to New York’s premiere dining establishments. Now, IMC collaborates with some of the most celebrated restaurants in the city, by developing and custom making fully-cooked menu items and appetizers patrons travel from far and wide to experience.

We met up with IMC owners Igor and Oksana to sample some of their delicious entrees and appetizers and were simply blown away by the quality, taste and freshness of everything we sampled that night.

Recognizing some of our favorite appetizers and entrees from several top New York and Miami restaurants, we couldn’t believe everything we tried was actually made by IMC chefs. As someone from Den’s team said: “I closed my eyes while having a bite of that Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs and I thought I was in Wise Bar & Grill in Brooklyn.”  

From those first bites, we couldn’t wait to share IMC’s delectable dishes with all of you!


No reservations, plane tickets or valet parking needed

Den’s Hot Dogs is bringing the unparalleled flavors of IMC’s most celebrated appetizers and entrees served at exclusive New York and Miami restaurants to YOU!

Whether you live in California, Texas, or Alaska, we'll provide a culinary excursion for your taste buds and an opportunity to help many legendary restaurants to get back up off its feet after 2020.

We can’t wait for you to start exploring their stories and history, while enjoying the whole fine dining experience at the comfort of your home!

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