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Ways to Eat Healthier In the New Year

Ways to Eat Healthier In the New Year

What were the most popular New Year's resolutions for 2021? Fifty percent of people wanted to exercise more, 48% wanted to lose weight, 44% wanted to save money and 39% wanted to improve their diet. There is an easy way to meet all of these New Year’s Resolutions. By ordering entrées from Den’s Hot Dogs, you will eat healthier and save money and time when you do your grocery shopping. Let’s take a look at how delicious entrées from Den’s Hot Dogs can help you meet your New Year’s Resolutions


Many people overeat because they eat more than the recommended portion. This “portion distortion” happens for a wide variety of different reasons. For example, when someone orders fast food to go, the serving of french fries they receive is actually much larger than the actual serving size. When you get entrées from Den’s Hot Dogs, such as the Pork Schnitzel, the serving size is clearly marked on the packaging.

Preservatives and additives

When you purchase frozen foods at the grocery store, they often contain several different food additives and preservatives. Some of these food additives are added for flavoring. When you purchase entrées from Den’s Hot Dogs, we only add some spices for flavor. 

The opportunity to save money 

Many people frequently eat out because they want fresh food without the hassle of having to make it at home. Eating out also lets people enjoy a fresh, hot meal. At Den’s Hot Dogs, you only have to heat most of our entrées for about ten minutes. If you order food from your local restaurant, you could be paying $20 to $25 for a plate of food. An entrée from Den’s Hot Dogs, such as the pork schnitzels, will only be $10 per entrée. Since entrées from Den’s Hot Dogs are in bulk, you can even prepare meals to get you through your work week or give your kids a healthier option than school lunch. 

Eating more variety 

Den’s Hot Dogs offers a wide variety of different entrées, including beef, pork, chicken, and even sandwiches. You can get the recommended serving of red meat that you need each week, alternated with different types of white meats. All of our entrées also pair nicely with different vegetable dishes, salads, and sides that you make on your own, allowing you to get the recommended daily intake from all the different food groups. 

Getting more exercise

With the portion sizes indicated on the packaging from Den’s Hot Dogs, you are likely to eat so that you feel full. You will get the protein necessary to help create muscle mass and energy for your body, meaning that you will not feel tired throughout the day, helping you exercise. 

Eat healthier in the New Year with the best entrées around

Entrées from Den’s Hot Dogs will save you time, money, and help you meet your fitness goals for the New Year. You might also find healthy meal options that you might not have considered before for your kitchen.