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Healo Broth by Grumpy Butcher

Healo Broth by Grumpy Butcher

Odds are, you have heard of stock, and you probably know about broth. But have you ever heard of Healo undiluted sipping bone broth by the Grumpy Butcher? Do you know what separates this from stock and normal broth?

Have you heard of the numerous health and wellness benefits that come from using Healo bone broth, such as reduced joint pain and inflammation, healthier and younger looking skin and improved metabolism and immune system? You’re about to find out.

We are, hopefully, nearing the end of a pandemic that has lasted for almost two years. It is no surprise that we are all eager to finally spend some in-person time with friends and loved ones. However, it is possible that being isolated for so long has weakened the immune system, especially in older and younger people. And with the schools reopened, many of you out there are fearful of catching a bug in the midst of our long awaited social gatherings. This is where the Grumpy Butcher bone broth comes in.

Healo Broth

Made from simmering animal bones and tissue, this is a true super food highly effective in improving your immune system. Animal bones are naturally very rich in a variety of minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. The connective tissue and marrow in the broth contain an abundance of amino acids known to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Some examples are alanine, glycine, and glutamine. The Grumpy Butcher broth is also an excellent source of protein, which alanine assists in building. Good protein is the basis of good health.

Grumpy butcher beef bone broth

If you are looking to get a better night's sleep, which is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, bone broth is definitely worth a try. Glycine is correlated with improving sleep. Additionally, it boosts the production of glutathione, an antioxidant that supports the immune system in several ways. It balances free radicals, regenerates vitamins C and D, and assists in regular cell death, also known as apoptosis. Glutamine is commonly seen as the primary fuel for the immune system and is discharged in immune cells throughout your body.

Sturgeon Broth

All three of these amino acids are nonessential, meaning they are already produced in your body naturally. Nevertheless, having a boost of them from an outside source helps strengthen the immune system against illnesses all the more. Besides, they are not produced as frequently in times of stress. In fact, stress can cause depletion of glutamine, resulting in fatigue, body aches and vulnerability. This toll on the body can be great, but it does not have to be!  Grumpy Butcher broth is the perfect food to help pick up the slack. The extra glycine will also help to reduce your body’s stress response by supporting a neurotransmitter (GABA) that soothes anxiety.

Undiluted Natural Lamb Broth

If you find that you are already sick, bone broth has not become void of its benefits. Sickness naturally decreases the production of amino acids in the body, and bone broth offers the same result in this case as it does for stress. In fact, it has been speculated to shorten illnesses. It helps to clear congestion and fight colds. There’s a reason why you were always told chicken soup would help in times of sickness! It’s made with chicken broth or stock, which contains some of the same minerals as bone broth.

 Chicken Bone Broth

Another crucial aspect of health is the gut, home to up to 500 types of bacteria and 70% of the immune system. A functioning gut is crucial to a healthy heart, mind, body, and a strong immune system. Damage and openings in the gut, often caused by stress or lack of sleep, will inevitably compromise your health if not dealt with. This brings us to one of the most sought after nutritional elements found in Healo bone broth: collagen.

This protein is produced in the body, but begins to decline with age. It is very important to find outside sources of it throughout your lifetime. Collagen provides healing nourishment to the intestinal lining and reduces any inflammation present. The gut will quickly utilize the proteins and minerals provided, and the benefits will show themselves in no time. A stronger gut means better health in nearly every possible sense.

This fall and winter, more so than any other before it, is the time for trips and reunions. We should all be able to enjoy these events to the absolute fullest. With the Grumpy Butcher bone broth, you can rest assured during these exciting times knowing that you have an extra defense against health threats. There are several different types available to suit a variety of preferences, so do not shy away if you are a picky eater. Give it a try to keep your immune system strong and enjoy countless other benefits.