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You’ve discovered the tasty world of our Den’s microwave hot dogs, but now you’re wondering how our frozen hot dogs work. How long do you microwave hotdog for? What is a mail order hot dogs subscription? Or how to know when a hot dog is ready? Keep reading for our answers to all these questions.

One Hot Dog

Cooking a Den’s hot dog couldn’t be easier — we designed it that way for your ultimate convenience. With one minute in the microwave, no utensils, and no grill, you’ll be on your way to a restaurant-quality meal. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the microwave hot dog from your freezer, but don’t open the individual packaging
  2. Place the hot dog on a microwave-safe plate in the microwave.
  3. Set the timer for one minute
  4. Wait impatiently for your delicious hot dog to be ready
  5. When the minute is over, carefully remove your Den’s from the packaging (it’ll be HOT!)
  6. Enjoy your hot dog!


Alright, now let’s tackle the next question: how long to microwave two hot dogs?

Two Or More Hot Dogs

Fortunately, this is just as simple as microwaving one hot dog at a time. Follow the above steps, except add 45 seconds for each additional Den’s. That’s it!

You’ll know your hot dogs are ready when you see steam inside the bag and it’s puffed up with air. Be careful opening the pouch, as it will be hot!

Don’t Get Caught Out

Monthly mail order hot dogs subscription is a big thing these days. It seems that whatever your preference, there is a gourmet food subscription for you. But did you know you can get a hot dog subscription? 

In fact, you can sign up to receive any of our products on a monthly basis. Even better, you’ll save 10% on your orders after your first one. Delivery, discounts, and dogs. Does it get much better than that?

What About Bundles?

Sure thing. Choose your bundle of three products to save 10% AND get free shipping!

But Isn’t Frozen Food Less Healthy?

Ah, this is something we hear a lot. In fact, our Den’s frozen hot dogs or other meals — whether it’s our sandwiches, fine dining entrees or appetizers — are sealed in special packaging precisely because of our freezing process. As soon as our food is freshly cooked, it is flash-frozen to maintain peak nutritional value, freshness, and flavor.

Our own families enjoy our food, so it’s important to us that our products are healthier than some of the stuff out there. We care about you and your family, just as we care about our own. Take comfort knowing that our comfort foods are also good for you.

Get Dinner Ready in a New York Minute

With Den’s microwave hot dogs, you’ll have dinner ready in a flash. Oh, and clean up? Just throw away or recycle the plastic (depending on your area) and you’re done. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.