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woman feeding toddler at kitchen table

Lunch for Kids at Home

woman feeding toddler at kitchen table

When your kids are home, chances are your house is a bit hectic. Whether you’re home schooling or it’s vacation time, having simple, healthful lunch options for kids is essential. Check out our guide to easy lunches you can put together when your little ones speak that common two-word phrase, “I’m hungry.”

Microwavable Options

Hot Dogs

Of course, we can’t start discussing easy lunches without mentioning our own offerings! A microwavable hot dog that’s complete with a bun and toppings and ready in under a minute? We can’t think of an easier lunch for kids at home. It’s honestly so easy your ten-year-old can do it.

Plus, we use only the highest quality meats and toppings, so your kids are getting healthy protein and carbs. Whether they prefer classic ketchup or our mild chili & cheese, they’ll love these high-protein, low-sodium dogs.


When you don’t have time to turn on the stove, microwaveable pasta makes a great lunch option for kids. Whether you choose a creamy mac and cheese or a delicious ravioli alfredo, having a bowl you can just throw in the microwave is key.

Look for pasta options that contain vegetables for an extra boost of nutrition.


Pizza can be a terrific lunch for kids at home! Look for a personal pizza made with quality flour, lean pepperoni, and skim milk mozzarella. There are few kids who don’t like pizza, so why not embrace that instead of fighting it?


 quesadilla on plate topped with chives and a cherry tomato

Yep, you can make quesadillas in the microwave. For picky eaters who just want the cheese and tortillas, layer it up and zap it. It won’t be quite as crispy as the fried lunch option for kids, but the cheese will melt just fine.

One of the best parts about quesadillas is how versatile they are. You can put basically anything inside and microwave it, including vegetables. Use whole wheat or corn tortillas and skim milk cheese to boost the protein while keeping fat content low.


This hearty grain makes a great lunch for kids at home. Not just for breakfast, oatmeal matches quesadillas in the versatility department. Microwave it with maple syrup for the purists or top with fruits, nuts, and seeds for a healthful meal.

Snack-Like Meals

If your kids balk at the idea of a “meal” but adore snack time, these ideas can help.

Cottage Cheese

Pair high-protein cottage cheese with just about anything. Top it with fruit and granola for a balanced lunch option for kids. Add it to a salad. Mix into pancake or waffle batter as a substitute for milk.


Similar to cottage cheese, hummus makes a versatile lunch for kids at home. Let them dip their favorite veggies in it. Wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla with turkey and cheese. Use it as a sandwich spread instead of mustard or another condiment.

Nut Butters

Whether you use peanut, almond, or something else, nut butters make excellent snack-like meals. Give some to your child with sliced up fruit for dunking. Make a classic PB&J. Spread some on a piece of toast and sprinkle with seeds.

Oven or Stove Options

If you’ve got the time to turn on the oven, your available lunches for kids at home ideas just got even bigger.


young girl holding chocolate muffin

One of the best things about muffins is how many options there are. They don’t have to be carb-bombs, either. Shake up the flour you use (almond is a great choice) and blend some veggies into the batter to boost the health factor.

You can even make egg muffins with veggies. Serve these with ketchup or salsa for dipping and get ready to see your kids eat every bite.

Grilled Cheese

A classic lunch option for kids, the grilled cheese is quick to make. Try boosting the protein by putting slices of deli meats or tofu in-between the cheese layers. You can also sneak some veggies in there by adding chopped spinach or broccoli.


No matter what you make them out of, frying up or baking a batch of patties is a fun lunch for kids at home. Try a sweet potato chickpea recipe to cover the veggies and protein. Get creative and make some falafel they can dip in hummus or put in a pita pocket.

Let Us Take Care of Lunch

Shop Den’s Hot Dogs collection of dogs, pizzas, and pastas and let us take care of lunch. Stock up your freezer for healthful meals ready in a New York minute.