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Holiday Party Food Ideas

Holiday Party Food Ideas

With the Christmas and New Year holiday just around the corner, you likely plan on going to at least a few holiday parties. Your holiday party invitations could be through work, your children’s school, or family and friends. If you are looking for delicious items to take to your holiday party, Den’s Hot Dogs has you covered.

Au Jus Sauce 

Every holiday party has some sort of tray where there is bread or crackers. You could easily be the centerpiece appetizer dish at your holiday part with this easy-to-make beef au jus sauce. First and foremost, you simply need Healo Beef Broth from Den’s Hot Dogs. You can then add a small amount of butter, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, and flour to attain the thickness that you desire. Even if you are not bringing a meat dish or entrée to the holiday party, people will flock to this great au jus sauce made with the finest of be broths. 

Smoked Ribs 

Not everyone who comes to a holiday party may be looking for a complete entrée. Some people “make the rounds” on Christmas Eve or News Years and may just partake in the appetizers at the party. If you are going to have these types of people at your parties, you should try serving the Wagyu beef smoked ribs from Den’s Hot Dogs. Slow-roasted over hickory and brown sugar, serve these ribs in smaller sizes with wedges of cornbread or crockpot baked beans for a truly wonderful cocktail experience for your holiday party guests.


After a while, the holiday ham tradition tends to get a little bit old. Wagyu beef meatballs, from Den’s Hot Dogs, offer another cocktail eating experience to your party guests. These delicious meatballs are cooked in a delicious teriyaki sauce. You only need to boil the package in hot water for about 5 minutes before you serve the meatballs. Here are some appetizer ideas to present these meatballs at your party:

  • Serve the meatballs on a cheese and gourmet cracker tray.
  • The meatballs could also be a good mix with green vegetables and a dipping sauce.
  • The meatballs could also be served as a tray with a cheeseball.

Chicken Wings

Lastly, chicken wings sound good at almost any time of year. However, you should try these fully cooked chicken wings from Den’s Hot Dogs. These are easy to prepare in an air fryer, go nicely with a vegetable tray, and you can make a yogurt ranch dip for anything that needs sauce at your holiday get together. 

Order these fine entrées and appetizers today

Give your party guests the best experience this coming holiday season. Make sure that you give them a great eating experience from Den’s Hot Dogs. All of our foods are found in popular restaurants throughout New York and can be a centerpiece for your holiday dining experience.