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Gourmet Chili Dog Toppings: Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

Gourmet Chili Dog Toppings: Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

We could answer this question with a simple “nope!” and leave it there. But that wouldn’t be very thorough of us. Plus, we love telling our customers exactly why our products are so delicious, what goes with chili dogs, and which hot dog fixings are the best. Let’s look at those one at a time.

Why We Call Our Hot Dogs “Gourmet”

Merriam Webster cites the definition of “gourmet” as an adjective is “of, relating to, or being high quality, expensive, or specialty food typically requiring elaborate and expert preparation.” We like to adjust this definition slightly.

Our hot dogs, including our Texas style beef chili dog toppings, are definitely high quality and a specialty food. But we go out of our way to ensure they’re not expensive, and they definitely don’t require expert or elaborate preparation. In fact, they’re so easy a ten-year-old can make them!

All our dogs are designed to be cooked in the microwave in under a minute. You don’t even have to remove the wrapper before microwaving! From frozen to delectable in 60 seconds or less, you wouldn’t believe they’re so delicious.

What’s Inside

The part of our hot dogs we’re most proud of is what goes inside them. All our products, including our chili dog toppings, use only the highest quality ingredients. Our franks are made of premium cuts of beef and pork and you won’t find any weird filler ingredients here!

Our hot dog fixings are the same. No preservatives, fillers, or trans fats to be found. Just pure ingredients you can pronounce and no hidden ones you can’t.

What Goes With Chili Dogs?

hot dog topped with chili

Okay, hopefully we’ve convinced you that “gourmet hot dogs” is not an oxymoron. Let’s dig into what goes with chili dogs, and the answer is, a lot!

The beauty of chili dog toppings is how well they pair with other foods. Our personal favorites include fully cooked chicken wings or a hearty plate of nachos for game day. For sides, pair chili dogs with corn on the cob, a classic coleslaw, or a cheesy pasta salad. Your options are practically endless!

Restaurant-Quality, Heat-and-Eat Hot Dogs

Don’t just take our word for it—shop our Coney Island Chili Cheese Hot Dogs and see for yourself. From our extremely popular mustard and relish dog to our classic roasted tomato ketchup, our hot dog fixings won’t disappoint.

Oh, and those chili dog toppings? Texas-style, no bean beef chili with aged cheddar cheese. Try it with a cool glass of lemonade for your next meal and tell us what you think!