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Grumpy Butcher introduces frozen meals

Grumpy Butcher introduces frozen meals

Grumpy Butcher LLC has introduced a line of frozen meals to meet the demand for at-home dining and meal kits, sandwiches and other comfort foods, according to a press release.

With the addition of the Den's Meals, the company supplements its existing line of all-in-one hot dogs with toppings with one-stop-shop solutions for at-home family breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Inspired by Italian and American cuisines, Den's Meals are pre-cooked and blast-frozen entrees.

The Den's Meals varieties include:

  • Chicken and dumplings Meal: Roasted white chicken cooked in a pot pie gravy. The broth is used to boil buttered dumplings, with roasted potatoes, fresh carrots, leeks and sweet onions, finished with herbs.
  • BBQ chicken and cheddar mash meal: Honey and black pepper BBQ chicken strips and smokey bacon with buttery cheddar mash potatoes.
  • Baked ravioli alfredo meal: Four cheese mezzaluna ravioli, topped with alfredo sauce, oil and garlic, with seasoned baked chicken breast strips, finished with spices and imported parmesan Reggiano.

Source: Vending Times