Den's Kosher All-in-One Hot Dog w/Sauerkraut


Den's Hot Dogs

All-in-One & ready-to-eat hot dog with Sauerkraut

U.S. Handmade & World's Most CONVENIENT Hot Dog in a Box

Den's Kosher w/Sauerkraut comes with everything you need for a quick meal or snack.   Perfect for busy parents, college students, big parties, watching a game/movie.  No more wasting money and food with buying bags of buns, franks and condiments, when you just want a few quick, easy and delicious hot dogs! 

  • Just heat & serve (no cooking to do, mess to clean or grill to scrub)
  • Premium cuts of 100% Kosher certified beef (No artificial flavors, colors or fillers)
  • on Premium Kosher certified baguette style bun
  • with Crunchy Kosher certified Sauerkraut


Den's Kosher w/Sauerkraut is NOT Kosher certified product.