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Nice to have for a quick snack. Tasty!


great food great service

The hot dogs were very good & I’ll order them again!


These bacon egg and Gouda cheese sandwiches are delicious. Just a little pricey.

Very good

So far I have eaten the bacon, egg& cheese and grilled buffalo chicken. The buffalo chicken warmed up great in the microwave and the sauce was a pleasant surprise Overall very good.
The bacon, egg & cheese had a rubbery texture to the bun but the meat, egg and cheest were good.

Easy and delicious!

I have ordered these (Chicken Sausage and Gnocchi) multiple times and always delicious. So easy to heat and eat. While they are good just as they are, I also enjoy kicking it up a notch or two. Sometimes I add more cheese or sun dried tomato pesto or basil pesto. Other times add extra items (whatever leftover veggies I have in the fridge) like mushrooms, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, baby spinach leaves, asparagus...or a combination of all of the above! So whether I eat it as is or kicked up some, I never get bored and it is always delicious. Very little clean up is a nice bonus too! (I sometimes wash and save the bowls as they make nice non-stick single serve microwave bowls for leftovers!) I would recommend and if the item remains in stock would continue to order again. Also looking forward to trying the new flavor "bowls" when back in stock!

Very good

The sandwich was well put together and the bread was not rubbery after microwaving it. Taste was good

Hot Dogs Relish & Mustard / Grilled Buffalo Chicken / Bacon Egg & Cheese (16 Pack)

Absolutely delicious!

So happy that a breakfast item (bacon, egg and smoked gouda cheese sandwich) is back! Really surprised that these are so good. I love smoked gouda cheese too. My biggest concern was about the bread, but it comes out very soft! The first one (thawed in refrigerator) that I heated up the bottom bread got a tad bit hard, so the next time I decreased the cooking time by a few seconds (since microwave ovens are different) and it was perfect! After that adjustment they have come out perfect every time. I haven't tried from frozen, but they thaw out so fast, I haven't felt the need to try. I do add a bit of mayo to mine after heating, but that is just my preference. I will certainly order again. Highly recommend them!

Much better!

I like the sandwiches much better!!
Was so disappointed in the hotdogs,
Wish I hadn't bought 2 cases of 8!
But, I figured you can't mess up a hotdog, right? My bad!

Not great

Buns tend to be spongy and tough
Have tried different temps

Cheese and the spicy chicken sandwich

The chicken is moist and tender, cheese is great the bread is superior.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich (1 Pack)


Hot dogs nice, Buffalo Chicken tasty, liked the brioche bun, have not tried the bacon, egg yet.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich (12 pack)

Spicy Chicken Sandwich (12 pack)

very tasty.

I have not received it yet

Pretty good sandwich

Pretty good I would order more

Review of hot dogs, buffalo chicken and bacon, egg & cheese 16 pk

Very great sandwiches and hot hot dogs

Very flavorful

I tired it for fun. But was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful it was!

Not bad

Kind of dry, not bad but not the best either


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