The History Behind Great Tasting, Premium Hot Dogs 

Premium hot dogs have their historical origins in Frankfurt, Germany and Vienna, Austria. Pork sausages have existed in Frankfurt since the 13th century. In the 19th century, a Vienna butcher added beef to the pork sausage and called them "weiner-frankfurters." Eventually, hot dogs became popular at fairs and baseball games. In fact, two Austrian immigrants sold their hot dogs at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

The Chicago-style hot dog has its origins during the Great Depression. These hot dogs were sold on Maxwell Street by cart vendors for as little as a nickel. Regardless of the scarcity of money during these times, the hot dog business thrived for these entrepreneurs. Moreover, this is where the most esteemed Chicago-style hot dog came into existence.

Den's Hot Dogs are a lot like the great-tasting Chicago-style hot dogs that you might find in a restaurant or being sold from a street cart vendor. Chicago-style hot dogs are

  • Made from premium meat ingredients, especially beef.
  • Do not have ketchup (though you can add ketchup to Den's Hot Dogs if you prefer this condiment).
  • Often topped with mustard and relish, but other condiments can be added. 

Den's Hot Dogs with Relish & Mustard - 16 Pack 

Ways To Enjoy Your Premium Den's Hot Dogs 

Den's Hot Dogs are a premium, Chicago-style hot dog. They are microwaveable and eatable in about one minute. With just 270 calories and 30% less sodium than regular hot dogs, they are great for a meal or snack. 

Here are some ways that you can add flavor to your hot dogs from Den's in the tradition of the hot dog cart from your favorite area of downtown Chicago. These are toppings that might taste great in addition to the mustard and relish that are already on these wonderful hot dogs. 

Chopped White Onions

Raw, white onions add flavor and clunch to your hot dogs from Den's. Some makers give the onions a fine char by grilling them to enhance their flavor. However, simply peeling and chopping the onions suffice in a traditional Chicago-style hot dog.

Fresh Tomatoes

Red tomatoes chopped in thin circular slices are essential ingredients that provide texture and sweetness. They also add a nice and fresh flavor to balance all the included components. Sometimes tomatoes for a Chicago-style hot dog are sliced into wedges.

Pickled Sports Pepper

Pickled Sport peppers refer to mild peppers pickled in brine. They provide a touch of heat and tang to the final Chicago dog.

Dill Pickle Spear

A piece of dill pickle is added to the top of the Chicago hot dog to provide sweetness and sourness.

Celery Salt

Celery salt acquires its flavor from celery. It adds a unique vegetable flavor to the entire Chicago-style hot dog. It also serves as the seasoning to enhance the taste of other ingredients. 

Reasons To Choose Den's Hot Dogs 

Den's Hot Dogs takes dining traditions from your favorite cities and experiences, like Chicago-style hot dogs from a baseball game, and delivers it to you at an affordable price, in bulk, so that you can enjoy this food while you are dining at home or if you need something to enjoy while at work. 

With the quality that Den's has to offer, one cannot afford to miss the experience of having quality hot dogs as their next meal. Besides the unique flavor experience, another part of the allure of this esteemed hot dog is the pride of the famous city of Chicago. 

Below are more reasons why  hot dogs from Den's are a viable alternative to going to a store and buying a hot dog or fast food:

  • They are more delicious than other types of hot dogs.
  • The combination of ingredients is straightforward and unmatched and emulates that of your favorite hot dogs at baseball games. 
  • They just take a few minutes to make. 

Premium Hot Dogs For Your Enjoyment 

Den's hot dogs are a premium frozen hot dog that emulates some of your favorite memories. If you enjoyed hot dogs at baseball games as a kid or loved hot dogs from a food stand, try these premium frozen hot dogs. These hog dogs are packaged to make sure that you can enjoy these for at least 8 meals or snacks. Verified Reviews Badge
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