Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind about the hassle of daily cooking and cleaning; to provide your family with quality, delicious and convenient comfort foods that are inexpensive.  Even your children can warm these up and you'll still be able to send them to college after buying from us. 

Don’t let the word frozen turn you off.  We flash freeze all our frozen products to seal in the flavors and maintain its peak nutrition and freshness. We also aim to ship your order in one business day so that it arrives at your doorstep no more than two days later. You won’t find many products or services like that anywhere else.

Easy, Delicious and Honest

It took us a lot of time to develop these delicious meals.  Same as you, we got tired of daily cooking and tried quite a few meal subscriptions.  All promised us "fresh" meals made by the world-class chefs from a locally sourced (yet wild caught) ingredients.  They were good for the first day, but almost inedible on day four. 

Why?  A fully cooked dish is just not supposed to stay refrigerated for days.  Same as a takeout from a restaurant (good on the first day, but goes to garbage on the fourth).  Why should a fresh subscription meal be any different?  There's a reason those companies instruct you to never freeze it!

If you do, you'll skip your next meal and will have too many leftovers before the next batch arrives.  Pretty soon, you'll be just one more canceled member.  Besides, it's easier to sell "fresh meals" because it sounds more appealing than "frozen."

Try Our Meals Today

So, after almost a year of trial and error, we created our first batch of Den's Meals.  And whether you’re ordering Den's Chicken & Dumplings or BBQ Chicken, or Ravioli Alfredo, you can trust us to become your go-to source for gourmet frozen foods. 

After all, our children eat them too!