Our dogs start with premium ingredients like 100% domestic hickory smoked beef frankfurters. We nestle these dogs in fresh buns that come out of the microwave soft and steamy. Then, we top our dogs with a Texas style beef chili with no beans and creamy cheddar and monteray cheese. The result is ready to heat and eat hot dog sandwich. 

Once you taste our zero assembly or prep time chili cheese hot dog sandwich, you’ll be tempted to put your grill away forever. Imagine getting a hot lunch or quick snack ready for the entire family in less than a minute! Plus, there is no mess to clean or grill to scrub.

Premium Chicken Sandwiches

The same care and quality ingredients we put into our dogs go into our chicken sandwiches. High in protein with artisan buns and cheeses, your entire family can feel good about putting our sandwiches on the table.

Pair these sandwiches with our Coney Island Hot Dogs to stock up your freezer. Never again worry about what’s for dinner when you have our sandwiches to hand.

Shop Hot Dogs and Sandwiches

For the ultimate in convenient comfort food, shop Den’s breakfast and chicken sandwiches and hot dogs today. 

You can also explore our fully cooked entrees made for the restaurants by the grumpy butcher or choose from a variety of his fresh meat cuts.

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