Chicken Pasta with Cheese & Vegetables (1 pack)
Chicken Pasta with Cheese & Vegetables (1 pack)
Restaurant quality.  Hearty and delicious gnocchi with tender chicken sausage, parmesan cheese, red bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes mixed with sweet cherry tomatoes with a sprinkle of our secret spice mix.  Just 370 calories.  Net weight 6.0 oz. FREE S&H AT $80/ORDER!

$11.95 $9.95

Den's Hot Dogs Assorted (16 Pack)
    Premium beef and pork frank on deluxe bun topped with 6 Chili and Cheese (Texas style no-beans beef chili with aged cheddar cheese), 6 Relish and Mustard (Classic Mid-West style) and 4 Roasted Tomato Ketchup (16 Pack Total) Pre made.  Zero assembly or prep time.  Just heat and eat Individually wrapped restaurant quality shipped to...


Den's Hot Dogs with Relish & Mustard (16 Pack)
Premade & individually wrapped all in one hot dog with Relish and Mustard topping (16 PACK).  The ultimate ready to eat small meal or hot snack that even children can make.  You won’t even need to open the wrapper before microwaving!  Just off the grill taste, require no cooking to...


Den's Hot Dogs Assorted, Chicken Pasta w/Cheese & Vegetables Meals and Pepperoni Pizzas (12 Pack)
DEN'S HOT DOGS ASSORTED (8 PACK TOTAL): Premium beef and pork frank on deluxe bun topped with Chili and Cheese (Texas style no-beans beef chili and aged cheddar cheese) - 3 pack Relish and Mustard (Classic midwest condiment) - 3 pack Oven Roasted Tomato Ketchup - 2 pack  MICROWAVEABLE PEPPERONI PIZZA: Crispy crust,...